Who Is Grammy Mouse?

The Ole Thompson Place by Grammy Mouse

Welcome to the world of Grammy Mouse, Maine Folk Artist. I have painted ALL my life.  In fact, I can never remember not painting.  My mother and older sister loved to paint and so from the time I could hold a paintbrush the opportunity, the materials, and the encouragement were there. I was allowed to explore my creativity with no limits, to enjoy the heady pleasure of creating my own little imaginary world and bring it to life on canvas.  

Growing up on the family farm in rural New Hampshire in the 1940' and 50's has given me plenty of subject matter and inspiration for my paintings.  My grandmother, who we affectionately called Nana, actually knew how to drive a horse and buggy.  My Aunt Mary who lived on a farm just down the road from us cooked on a woodstove, something that I do occasionally with the old woodstove I have in my kitchen.  My granddaughter Ashleigh will be one of the few children of her generation that can say, "I remember my grandmother cooking on a woodstove". 

I went to elementary school in a two room school house with grades 1-3 in one classroom and grades 4-6 in the other. My teacher, Miss Florence Parker, always encouraged my art and my creativity.  She had me enrolled in a special gifted children's experimental program that took me by bus to an adjacent city where I could have special art classes once a week.  Boy, did I love that!!! I have never had any formal training in art, just the typical high school art classes in the 50's and 60's.  

Over the years, I have developed my own distinct style of painting that I started to sell at craft shows in the 1980's.  I didn't even know that my style was folk art until I was exhibiting at an outdoor show in Salem, Massachusetts and I met Rosebee, a well-known folk artist from Osterville (on the Cape) Massachusetts. She was showing at the same show and we were drawn together like bees to honey.  She loved my painting and gave me my earliest education in the world of folk art.  That chance meeting gave me direction as to where to go with my painting.  After retiring here in Maine, I have been able to devote my life to  my art selling my work through gift shops and small galleries here in Maine and at  arts and craft shows in the New England area. I live in the tiny village of Sherman Mills in the heart of the Great North Woods of Maine.

I love folk art with a passion aspiring to tell the stories of my early childhood while emulating and being inspired by the styles of my favorite artists Charles Wysocki, Kathy Jakobsen, Rosebee, Sally Caldwell Fischer, and Linda Nelson Stocks.